Private Reiki Healing Session

  • Private Reiki Healing Session

Reiki is love,
Love is wholeness,
Wholeness is balance,
Balance is well being,
Well being is freedom from disease.

Reiki is form of gentle energy healing to promote physical and mental healing.

During your 60 min Reiki session we invite you to come into our space and leave the weight of the world at the door. You will lay comfortably on our heated massage table, fall into a state of relaxation, and Katie will work to bring you to a state of peace, and tranquility.

Our sessions can be conducted using a hands on or hands off approach based on your comfort level.

Through the benefits of Reiki you may experience;

Harmony and balance
A release of tension
A breakdown of energy blocks
A cleansing of toxins for immune system support
A clear mind
Improved focus
Improved sleep
Spiritual growth
Emotional cleansing
Relief of pain
Relief of anxious feelings
Relief from fatigue
Mood enhancement

Reiki is not intended to replace any medical treatment plan but can be a supportive tool in mind, body, and spiritual wellness.

If the below times cannot work for your schedule, Katie can be flexible. You may book your session and reach out to Katie for additional availability.